The art of the tiny house lifestyle

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When you want to live in a Tiny House there are many advantages and disadvantages. It is important that you are aware of both sides. This way you avoid sitting on a pink cloud, but don’t lose sight of all the good and fun things.


Advantages of Tiny Houses

The tiny house movement has grown enormously in popularity in recent years. What attracts all these people to this way of living?

Financial freedom

By living in a tiny house you can save a lot on rent/mortgage. You don’t have to pay rent and if you have taken out a loan (or mortgage if you can get one) for the construction, the premium you pay will be a lot lower than if you have to pay the mortgage of a normal house.

With a bit of luck, you could pay for the whole construction yourself and you wouldn’t be stuck with an instalment at all.  All your other fixed costs will also go down, as you will probably take care of your own electricity and will no longer purchase water from the water company.

In addition, you will also spend less money on materialistic things, you don’t have the space for this in your tiny house anymore. This way you will save money without having to go through it. Even costs for your food will save you money, because you don’t have enough space to buy a lot. This way you won’t throw away food anymore.

And with the money you save you can finally make the journey you always wanted. Or just live with less money and have more time for yourself.


Good for the environment

By living in a tiny house you deal with many aspects very consciously. For example, you will have a composting toilet, so you will waste less water and make your own compost for your vegetable garden.

tinyhouse solar panels-min
Generate your own energy with, among other things, solar panels. And use rainwater for showering, for example. In this way your impact on the environment is a lot lower than when you live in a normal house and don’t use all these applications.

Your tiny house is also much more efficient when you heat it or want to cool it. This costs a lot less energy than in a normal house. Even when you start using a wood stove, you will notice how much less wood you need and less work it takes to burn the fire and keep your house warm, compared to a normal house.

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