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There’s a large number of free study ebooks out there and PDF Room has developed a PDF search engine to assist you on your way to find your study book.

You will find free books which can be read in PDF format. Free books can, however, be downloaded elsewhere and in other formats as well. For example, ePub is a widely used format too.

A PDF is best read on a bigger screen, such as the iPad or a large smartphone or laptop. PDF books are usually less suited for ereaders.

Download study books online as a free PDF eBook.

Most of the textbooks are intended for students and the textbooks have an average length of 210 pages and they contain targeted and specific content that will allow students to prepare for their exams.

Free textbooks for your studies!

The textbooks are focused on a number of subjects. For example: Business Administration / Economics, Beta / Engineering, Natural Sciences and Information Technology. Almost every field is covered and books with new subjects are added regularly.

PDF Room has an enormous amount of books in a wide range of disciplines:

  • Accounting
  • Economy & Finance
  • Engineering
  • IT & Programming
  • Marketing
  • Legal
  • Sciences of Nature
  • Mathematics
  • Nursing
  • Strategy & Management
  • Languages 

In addition to study books, PDF Room has other books as well. For example comic books and hacking books

How can I download some of the textbooks?

It’s really simple!

1. Click on the book that you want to see.

2. Watch the ‘Preview’

3. Click ‘Download’

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