RomeluLukaku Complains About His Ratings In FIFA 21

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It is quite common hear certain complaints from players after EA Sports reveals the ratings of the next FIFA game and in this case it has not been the exception.

This time the player who is being the protagonist of the complaints is RomeluLukaku, the Belgian striker of Inter Milan, who considers that the developers of the title have been unfair to him by assigning him such a low number of points (85 OVR).

Lukaku wrote a message on his Twitter account saying that he thinks developers give such low ratings for players to provoke their complains and thus generate free publicity. Here’s the message:

As we mentioned before, it is not the first time that EA Sports has assigned such controversial ratings to top-level players, so Lukaku’s assumptions could be well supported, since the numbers awarded to the player are nowhere near corresponding to his performance in real life.

During the past season, Lukaku scored a total of 34 goals in 51 games, being one of the top scorers in the UEFA Euro League, reaching the final of that competition and second place in the Italian league with Inter.

Specifically, Lukaku has been ranked 66th among the best players in FIFA 21 and has the same number of points as Timo Werner, Kai Havertz, Memphis Depay, RyadMahrez and even Marco Reus.Although they are players of a very good level, they do not have the trajectory and skills of the Belgian striker on the pitch.


Lukaku has fewer points than Suárez, Busquets and Hazard.

However, things get worse when we compare Lukaku’s points with some players who have better ratings than him, such as Luis Suárez and Sergio Busquets, two FC Barcelona players who just had the worst season of their careers, showing a very low level that didn’t allow the catalan team to win any competition last season.

Likewise, another decision that has caused a lot of controversy are the 88 points awarded to Lukaku’s compatriot, Eden Hazard, who has also had the worst season of his career, full of injuries, a very poor performance game and has managed to maintain a fairly high score that many other players for sure are envying at the moment.

Of course, there is no doubt that many players will buy FIFA 21 Coins to acquire Lukaku in FIFA Ultimate Team, since he is one of the strongest and fastest forwards in all of FUT, which is why many fans prefer him over Robert Lewandowski or Harry Kane, forwards who are slower and less mobility on the pitch.


Will Lukaku receive any increases in his points after the game launches?

FIFA 21 launches on PS4, Xbox One, Stadia and PC on October 9, 2020. The FIFA 21 release date for next gen consoles PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X hasn’t been confirmed yet.

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