WoW Classic Naxxramas And Burning Crusade Release Date Leaked

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WOW Classic has been a success since its first day of launch, allowing all the players of yesteryear to relive the sensations they experienced when playing the most famous MMORPG in the history of video games just a few days after its premiere, an experience that they had been asking for a long time and that Blizzard has finally awarded to all of its loyal fans.

As you may already know, World of Warcraft was released without any expansion or patch, and the same has happened with this WOW Classic.

However, in the future time Blizzard will gradually include all the content that served to improve the game at that time, so many people are waiting for the next updates to be announced with content from some of the multiple expansions this game received all this years.

Players have already been able to relive the stories of Molten Core, Blackwing Lair, as well as the successful launch of the Ten Hour War, all while spending their WOW Classic gold on upgrading their characters and acquiring better abilities.

Also, following the release of the latest WOW Classic content, rumors began to spread that Blizzard would add content from the Naxxramas and The Burning Crusade expansions to the game much sooner than the experts expected, so many people are attentive in Reddit forums and other social networks.


The Twitch streamer Nano leaked the release date of the content.

The user NanoNost, recognized streamer of World of Warcraft, has announced in his Twitter account that the launch of Naxrammas could be in December of this same year 2020, while a beta of The Burning Crusade could be launched in March or April of the year 2021.

It should be noted that The Burning Crusade expansion is a fan favorite, so its inclusion would make the gaming experience much more attractive and could recruit a large number of players, so Blizzard must make sure it works very well to meet the expectations.

Of course, a large group of fans is not convinced that these dates revealed by Nano are true, since it would represent a very short margin of work for Blizzard, which would have to add all the Naxxrammas content to the servers before the end of this year, while simultaneously working on adding The Burning Crusade content to the game beta on March.

As always, we just have to wait for official sources to speak out before generating many expectations about it, although everything indicates that the developers are trying hard to please their fans and allow them to enjoy World of Warcraft as they did many years ago , without very good graphics but with an addictive gameplay that attracted millions of players from all over the world and made this game one of the most important titles of the history of the videogames industry.

WOW Classic is now available on Microsoft Windows and MAC OS.

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