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In the USA not everybody has a bike. But in the Netherlands every person has a bike. Some people even have two. You might think, why they have 2 bikes. But there are many different styles of course. Some people have a city bike to go to work or to go to school and a atb for having fun.

In the Netherlands people say that a bike is faster in cities. And they are right. With a bike you can cross the city by small lanes and arrive quickly in your destination. With cars its all trouble. Especially in cities. One way streets, traffic lights. You can’t hurry. So a bike, even if it drives slower, is faster in the city.

Beside of that, driving a bike is more healthy for you. You do your sports while you dont even notice. Beside of that you dont need fuel. So you don’t destroy our planet too. And there is another thing why biking is better then having a car. It is cheaper. Much cheaper. Especially in Holland. Cause there is the fuel expensive, but also you need to pay high taxes for driving on the streets.

In holland is it famous to pimp your bike. People love to decorate their bikes. They use bike stickers, funny lights that looks like bath ducks, they have seat covers with polkadot patterns, they have flower guirlandes that they put around their crates or baskets and I even saw a flower vase on a bike. It is realy funny to see bikes in Amsterdam! There is a dutch website. American cant buy there, but you need to check it, just for fun and to see how funny things exist for bikes. You will never believe it. So if you have nothing to do, you should start your own company in funny bike stuff in America. In Holland its big business, the usa will follow for sure!


October 21, 2020 |

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