How To Introduce COVID-19 Safety At Your Event

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Exhibitions and events alike have come to a stand still, it’s with hope that we see the return and businesses can begin to build up again. As with all environments after lockdown 2.0, we’ll continue to social distance, keeping at least 2m from one another.

Social distancing isn’t the only thing to consider when following government guidelines. Allowing the event to move along as normal but reducing contact is also a large part of the future. Small changes can be made to create a safe and secure environment for you and your visitors.

Floor Stickers

Custom made floor stickers can be used to measure out a 2m space, with an added reminder that 2 metres of distance is needed. These aren’t a new concept as it’s probable they’ve been seen in supermarkets, hospitals, and retails store.

Nevertheless, it makes it easier to enforce the distance, and requires no thought for the visitor as the spaces have all been prepared and measured beforehand.

Track and trace

The track and trace service means all visitor details will be taken down in the eventuality any COVID-19 cases are transmitted. This can be done by writing down details, but this method is time consuming and could be problematic when dealing with high volumes of people.

When arranging your event, you need to make it compulsory that each person has the NHS track and trace app. This ensures a quick and efficient check in and that contact can be made in the event of any COVID cases.


Contactless payment is a tool most of us already use, with just a double click on your phone or tap of your card. In the instance you have something to sell which can be taken away on the day, switching from cash payments to card/contactless is a wise move to make.

To avoid confusion, be sure to advertise your contactless rule so it doesn’t affect any sales opportunities.
November 27, 2020 |

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