How to give your self-made jewelry that extra sparkle

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Are you thinking about making your own jewelry or have you already made jewelry and do you want to add something extra to it? There are several options to make your jewelry stand out. Are you not interested in jewelry, but still interested in joining this fun activity, then making your own key rings could be a good option as well. Which materials can you use to give your self-made jewelry that extra sparkle?



Pendants are a good way to elevate your jewelry. Pendants come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Therefore, it is important to consider what kind of pendant you are looking for. Some questions you can ask yourself when looking for pendants:

  • What color am I looking for?
  • What size do I want? A small or large pendant?
  • What kind of material should the pendant be made of?
  • What shape do I prefer?
  • What should the size of the eyelet be?



Next to pendants, charms are a good way to upgrade your jewelry. They give your jewelry a personal touch and make sure that your new customized necklace, bracelet or earring matches your other jewelry. Like pendants, charms come in different colors, sizes, shapes and sorts. Popular charms are:

  • Turtle charms
  • Ying yang charms
  • Heart shape charms
  • Buddha charms
  • Star charms
  • Cross charms
  • Hamsa charms
  • Ribbon charms
  • Foot charms
  • Clover charms

We hope to have given you some inspiration how to give your jewelry that extra sparkle. Whether you still need to make your new necklace, bracelet, earrings, keyring or you want to upgrade your jewelry pieces in your storage box at home, pendants and charms can be used to do this. Since there are so many different pendants and charms, discover which pendants or charms are your favorites!

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