How can I use multi-touch attribution to boost my marketing performance?

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Do you have an ecommerce business? Start by posting engaging content that your potential customers are searching for. To get the most out of your search engine optimization campaign, create a unique title tag, meta description, and meta keywords for each page on your website. Finally, keep your ecommerce website’s content fresh so that search engines will continue to find it relevant. Ecommerce marketing can also be referred to as digital marketing, internet marketing, e-marketing, or online marketing. It is defined as the act of driving awareness and action toward a business that sells its product or service electronically.


Marketing attribution answers the question, “Where did the money go?” Attributions answers this question by tracking customer behavior through all touch points of the journey. It allows you to identify the role each channel plays in engaging, acquiring, or converting a customer so you can give credit accurately and allocate budgets accordingly.


Marketers today find themselves in a complex position. More channels and more traffic sources, coupled with a greater need to prove ROI, make it more difficult than ever before. Customers generate more data and use multiple devices to interact with companies. Traditional attribution models, which rely on last-touch measurement, fail to measure the role of each touch point in the customer journey. That’s why you should use multi-touch attribution for your performance calculations. 


Marketing attribution is the process of attributing a conversion to a specific marketing channel or activity. Marketers need to be accountable for their campaigns and it starts with knowing which customer attribute (location, gender etc.) and which marketing activity (website landing page, piece of content, offer) actually influenced a lead or sale, especially for eCommerce attribution specialists. Doing this analysis will enable marketers to spend their budgets more efficiently.


Through the power of digital touchpoints, you can expand your brand’s online presence, increase traffic to your website, build traffic to your social media sites, and grow your email database.


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