4 Ideas of Custom Phone Case Designs

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It’s understandable, it’s not easy to find presents for everyone every time you need them. Hundreds of celebrations involve gifts: birthdays, weddings, anniversaries… not to mention the Christmas season! But there is ONE company that has arrived to make it easy for you: GoCustomized. On their website, you can find hundreds of customizable phone cases and phone accessories that you can fully customise to your taste and style. Design your own cases with over 30,000 templates or create your own custom design. Upload your images directly to their website and it will show you proof of your design before it is printed onto the case. Select from different types of cases for different phones and they’ll take care of the rest!


Have you taken a look yet? Get your hands on GoCustomized great looking, hard-wearing mobile phone cases in a fabric of your choice. Personalise it in a range of fabulous colours and add images, text and effects with their easy to use design tool. Still not sure what you want? Here are some super original ideas for you to get some inspiration.


Matching cases

Is the next present for your partner or best friend? Well, why don’t you get two matching phone cases? You could create one design and print it on both cases, or create two different designs that match one another. It could be a photo of you two split in two, a cute drawing that only matches when you put both phones together, or even a quote that starts on your phone case and continues on your friend’s case! Personalise both cases with a design of your choice. Add text, images and even some effects and stickers! Print your designs onto the custom phone case of your dreams and personalise them to your taste. At GoCustomized.com, you get it all for a great value! Be aware of their promotions, they often offer discounts when you buy more than one case – be the lucky one! 


Motivational quote 

Smile every time you look at your phone! At GoCustomized.com, not only can you print your own photo on the phone case, but you can also write text and add effects. Do you want to remember that motivational quote every time you look at your phone? Then write it on their customising tool and print it onto your phone case! There are many fonts to choose from and you can add stickers, effects… anything that makes you smile.


Family photo

An all-time classic. If you’re one of those people who cannot live without their family, keep them all close to you by printing a photo of the whole group on your new phone case. This does not only make you happy, but it’ll make them happy too to see you have such a bond with them. If this is not for you, however, printing a family photo on your phone case is still a great gift idea! Surprise your parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts or uncles with this original and cute idea. And of course, if you’ve got a pet, don’t forget to include your furry friends in your family pic!


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