Do you immerse yourself in your teenager?

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It is very normal for an adolescent to enter another world and to detach from you, the parent. However, it is important to maintain a bond. It is important that a teenager knows that there is a place where he, she or them has a home. It is not the case that as a parent you have to be the only address for an adolescent, but it is nice that you offer a place where your child feels safe.

Do you know what Storz-bickel is?

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Just keep asking questions

It can create resistance, but it is important that you know a little about where your child is and who he, she or them is with. Also ask for it and make sure you get an answer. Be careful not to put a label on it. It’s very tempting to give an opinion about friends you don’t like. However, it is usually better to let your child figure this out for themselves. However, this does depend on the child’s mental capacities in this area. What you can do is ask some questions and listen when a child complains about a friend. You can guide the child to draw its own conclusions. It may not all go at your pace, but it is precisely during puberty that giving your opinion immediately has the opposite effect. A teenager is just discovering his own opinion.

What’s so great about your teenager?

It is sometimes difficult to keep the connection. It is only important to keep the connection open if you want to continue to immerse yourself in your child. Only in this way is there a chance that your child will continue to share things. That’s why it’s important to stay focused on the fun stuff…

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