A Step-By-Step Guide to Buying Plants From a Wholesale Nursery

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Wholesale nurseries offer an abundance of benefits to home gardeners, commercial landscapers, and anyone in between. Contrary to what some may think, wholesalers aren’t just there to take your money. In fact, the biggest benefit of working with a wholesale nursery is that you get access to plants at a significantly better price than you can find from smaller nurseries or local plants sellers. However, it isn’t as simple as just walking up to the counter and asking for their most affordable plants. There are several things you should keep in mind before beginning the process of buying plants from a wholesale nursery. This article will explain everything you need to know about this process and provide a step-by-step guide for buying plants from a wholesale nursery successfully.


What is a Wholesale Nursery?

A wholesale nursery is a company that sells large quantities of plants directly to other businesses, such as landscapers, nurseries, and retailers. These plants are grown either on-site or at another location and then shipped to their final destination. Wholesale nurseries are necessary because they are able to buy and sell plants at a significantly lower price than smaller nurseries or independent sellers. This is because they purchase only large quantities of plants and have the ability to purchase from a variety of sources at a lower price. That’s also why these nurseries are necessary for big-scale businesses like landscaping firms and nurseries. Large plants will be harder to find from a smaller nursery. Wholesale plant nursery


Finding the Right Wholesale Nursery

The first step to buying plants from a wholesale nursery is finding the right nursery. You may have heard that it’s best to go to the wholesaler closest to you, but that isn’t necessarily true when it comes to buying plants. The best nursery is the one that sells you plants at a lower price. That might be a nursery farther away, or even one on the other side of your state. Before you begin visiting nurseries, you should compile a list of all the plants you want to buy. This will make it easier to distinguish between nurseries, because you will be able to see which plants they have in stock and which ones they don’t. Once you’ve made a list, you can begin visiting nurseries to find the right one for you.


Naming Confusions

Before you visit any nurseries, you should know about some confusion surrounding the names of plants. Generally, wholesale nurseries will sell plant species rather than cultivars. That means that you won’t find the “Sunshine” or “Red Sunset” plants that you might be used to. Instead, you’ll find plants with names like “Hibiscus rosa-sinensis”. There are a few reasons for this. For one thing, it’s a lot harder to trademark a plant name than it is to trademark a cultivar name. It’s also more confusing to customers, and many plant species have been cultivated for so long that they no longer resemble the wild plants they were derived from.


Step 1: Decide on your plant type

The first step in buying plants from a wholesale nursery is to decide what type of plant you’re looking for. It’s best to go into this process with a specific plant in mind, rather than just browsing the selection and hoping to find something you like. Your best option is to first decide what type of plant you want. From there, you can decide which plant types you’re open to buying.


Step 2: Decide on your quantity

The next step in buying plants from a wholesale nursery is to decide on your quantity. The quantity you buy will be determined by a few factors. The most important of these is the size of your garden. If you’re gardening in containers, you probably don’t need as many plants of any given species as someone who is gardening in a large outdoor garden. Another important factor is the cost of your plants. Just like with any other product, the more you buy, the cheaper each plant will be. There isn’t an exact rule for how much cheaper each plant becomes when you buy in larger quantities. Wholesale nurseries will have different prices for different quantities for each species of plant, but you can generally expect to save about 10-15% for each extra plant.


Step 3: Decide on your price range

The next step in buying plants from a wholesale nursery is to decide on your price range. This is the most difficult decision you will make. The first thing to remember is that there is no shame in buying cheap plants. Some nurseries will be able to sell you certain species of plants at a lower price than others. You may be able to get a better price from a nursery that imports plants from other countries, or one that grows their plants indoors. Of course, you should prioritize price above all else, but if two nurseries are offering the same price on a plant you want, it might be better to go with the nursery that uses higher-quality materials. You may want to bring a budget with you to the nursery. That way, you can write down all of the plants you like and put them in order of price, so you can easily compare each price.


Step 4: Go to the nursery and make your pick!

After you’ve decided on all of the above, you can finally go to the nursery and make your pick. The best way to go about this is to find a nursery employee and tell them exactly what you want, including the plant species and the quantity. They will bring you to the plants you want, and you can go from there. From here, you can either purchase the plants and take them home with you or have them shipped directly to your location. You can also choose to go back to the same nursery for other plants if you’re interested in buying more.

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