What are the trends in straight jeans for 2022?

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High-waisted wide denim should be a hit this year. Its elongated silhouette that favours and greatly stylizes the female figure, have made this type of model’s pieces with which to look impeccable is very simple, even when nothing more than a plain blouse is used as a complement.

Although straight jeans can work bare bones, many style makers are opting to make standout buckled belts from brands like Fendi or Louis Vuitton the centrepieces of their outfits. These pieces can be ideal in high-waisted jeans to further highlight your figure.

In the same category of accessories, more and more women are choosing Amsterdam clothing store to alternate between the extremes of simple looks without many details and outfits with various additions that can work well with a pair of blue or faded jeans.

How to wear straight jeans in winter?

More than being the main piece in winter, straight jeans will be the perfect garment that will serve as a base on which it will be easy to put together an outfit made up of different layers, in which you can incorporate contrasting elements such as faux fur coats with printed shirts. and short boots.

While straight jeans in light blue tones will be paramount for most of the year, in winter you’ll do well to opt for straight black and dark-toned jeans that can be best paired with just about any outfit and accessory. As for the rest of your outfit , you can mix garments in dark tones with warm colours such as browns and reds. Tartan will be very popular during this time, so don’t be afraid to incorporate this texture into a shirt or coat from time to time.

How to wear straight jeans in spring?

During this season your best bet will be for straight jeans in light colours and raised hems that allow you to wear a pair of stilettos, with which you can reflect the delicate and feminine essence of spring. Don’t shy away from giving your jeans an innovative twist with details like rips at the knees or even at the hem, which can reflect an edgy style when paired with more traditional accessories like clutch bags or pale jackets with floral details. Blouses with a bardot neckline can be a good option to give a sense of freedom and femininity to your style.

How to wear straight jeans in summer?

Summer will be a good opportunity to take advantage of the more casual and fun side of straight jeans with garments such as light jackets and blouses with graphic details. This season, you can give accessories a break and stick to just a clutch or sunglasses to complete your look.

The contrast of cold and warm tones will be a very marked trend during the summer, so straight natural denim will be a great way to create harmony with the rest of your clothes to create more attractive outfits.

Remember that there are different fits for straight jeans and, if your style tends more towards skinny jeans, summer can be a good time to incorporate more fitted models that highlight your silhouette, but preserve the more relaxed and casual essence of this type. of pants.


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