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It’s actually very normal, but sometimes we seem to forget… Just do something nice for someone. It can be complicated and it can be easy. Doing something nice for someone, you can just do that every day. Does that seem like a lot to you? Do something nice for someone every day? Check out a list of tips here. Bet it’s easier than you think?

Sweet message with an anonymous text

Sometimes it’s nice to receive a compliment from a seemingly stranger. With an anonymous text message you can just give someone the support they need. You could very simply send an anonymous text message ‘love for you’ or how about an anonymous text message with ‘I’m happy with you’.


It is sometimes underestimated how important a smile can be. There are people who have the supermarket as their only outing and don’t see anyone for the rest of the day. What’s hard about taking a good look around the store, making eye contact, and just having a friendly smile? More and more people seem to see time as waiting time. A special thought, since every time is the time of your life…

Your partner

Doing love can already start at home. Why not do something nice every day for the one you love so much? Every day, for example, simply make a cup of coffee for the other person. Keep it small is the best advice here. Indeed, it is the little things that matter. What is more valuable to you? Someone who does something small and sweet for you every day or received an expensive gift once?

Taking the right mindset for granted

Sometimes it is difficult to express love. Life isn’t always a party. Sometimes there are black days, when you have no idea when the light will shine again. At that moment, your vessel may be too empty to love. Maybe you need someone who is nice to you. So at least be kind to someone else on the white and gray days, in the end karma will always reward you. While it’s never clear how and when karma does that…


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