SEO Checklist for eCommerce Blog Posts

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Do you know that SEO can increase your blog traffic? You can do something for every article and get immense results. A few practices can help you achieve a good SEO score. Here’s more detailed information about the SEO checklist for eCommerce Blog Posts.


Keyword Targeting

The first thing that everyone needs to do is focus on relevant keywords. These key phrases and words are what people searching on Google to learn more about the topic you’ve been writing about in your e-commerce blogs type into search engines.

The relevant keywords have good search volume and are low to medium in terms of difficulty. The internet has many SEO tools to get the right keywords that will help you with keyword targeting.

These tools also inform you about the search volume and the keyword difficulty. It determines how difficult it is to rank a particular keyword. Write about the keywords that have high volume but low difficulty. This helps you rank quickly.


Focus On The Satisfaction Of the Searcher

Google has the objective of providing people with the exact answers they are looking for. Write a blog post by targeting the keyword and giving information. The better you’ve compiled your blog or article, the greater will be customer satisfaction.


On-Page SEO

After optimizing the content with keywords, it is essential to ensure that the blog is optimized for search engines. This implies using targeted keywords in content, URLs, tags, and internal links. On-page SEO might sound outdated, but it is still relevant today.


Focus On Snippet

A snippet generally has a URL, a page description, and a title. It is the result you see on the screen and other results when you search for something. Optimizing the snippets is important.

  • Use eye-catching title
  • Keep the URL as short as possible and relevant
  • Research for the Q/A that audience has in mind and form a Meta description accordingly.
  • Your snippet should answer the reader’s question to some extent. Readers are likely to leave the blog if it doesn’t interest them.


Promoting Your Posts

The last thing is content promotion. Publish your blog post and promote it. Get people’s eyeballs on your blogs and make Google push them forward in the search engine. Put it out on all the social media platforms to gain more recognition.


Final Thoughts

A practical SEO checklist will save all your hard work and make sure that your content doesn’t go unnoticed. Use these right strategies, and you’ll upscale your e-commerce blog posts.

Other tips that you need to follow for a good blog post include:

  • Keep the URL short and crisp
  • Try not to use more than 160 characters in the meta description.
  • Use the H1 title tag
  • Keep the filename and Image alt text relevant
  • Don’t put unnecessary information in the body content.
  • Use Internal Links. These are the links to other posts on your own blog.

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(Contributed by Sunita Negi & Hermes Fang)


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