How to survive Christmas with your company?

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It might sound like it’s very early to think about Christmas, but with your company you can’t start to prepare early enough. Christmas means a lot of extra sales for a lot of companies, which at itself is very nice, but you can only truly benefit from this if you’re prepared well. In this blog, we’ll give you three tips on how to prepare for Christmas! 

1. Repeat

The best measure for how your Christmas is going to look this year, is last year. By looking at the results of last year, you can try to estimate what your sales are going to look like. What products did very well, and what ones didn’t? By taking a look at this, you don’t only prepare well for marketing purposes, but also for your warehouse, as you now know what products might need some extra storage. This way, you won’t run out of stock, as you invest safely.

2. Start your marketing

No, you don’t need to start promoting your Christmas products already. But, it is smart to start thinking about what you want to do with Christmas. The products that turned out to be frontrunners in the first step, can achieve even more sales by pushing it well with marketing. However, you can also choose to highlight a product that didn’t sell necessarily well last year, trying to boost this number. 

Other questions you can ask yourself are what you will use to promote this product. Will you focus on social media, or will offline media do the job for you?

3. Storage

You now know what products deserve some extra space, but also what products don’t. This helps you to organize your warehouse. The popular products should have a bigger section than the unpopular ones. A struggle that many companies deal with during Christmas, is that they don’t have the space that’s needed. A mezzanine floor is the perfect solution! This floor is delivered as a construction kit, which means you decide yourself when you want to use this extra space and when not.

Looking for the perfect mezzanine floor for your warehouse? Take a look at and find the warehouse solution that perfectly fits what you’re asking for!
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