3 Modern Garden Ideas to Beautify Your Yard

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Gardeners who love to experiment with new ideas will find these modern garden designs ideal. Each of them has a different kind of appeal. Whether you prefer bold, futuristic looks or something more natural and serene, you’ll find something that works for you here. In this article, we take a look at some of the most interesting examples of modern gardens that are worth copying if you want to add a touch of the contemporary to your outdoor space. There are many ways in which you can create a garden of your own. The trick is to blend it with your home and property while also keeping the theme distinct and identifiable as a standalone space, not just an extension of your home’s facade. The tips listed below will help you do exactly that — Check them out!


Build up, then out

When designing your garden, often the first consideration is the shape of the plot. You might want to create a square or rectangular plot, or even a triangular or round one, or a combination of shapes. Then, once you know the shape, you can think about the height. An easy way to do this is to build upwards, rather than outwards. This gives you the opportunity to create different levels in your garden. A raised bed, for example, is a popular design choice, and can be used to grow all kinds of plants. Raised beds are easy to maintain and water, and can create a contemporary look in your garden, especially if you use a contrasting colour scheme.



Mix metals and materials

Materials are important when creating a modern garden. Materials can range from brick to metal, from stone to wood. Mixing materials together can create an interesting aesthetic that is both modern and attractive. You could, for example, use brick for a retaining wall, with stone for the path that leads to the wall. When it comes to choosing the right materials, you might have to do a little research. More than likely, you’ll need to order your materials, which might take a few days to arrive. You can also find second-hand materials that might be lying around in your neighbourhood. This could include pieces of wood, bricks, or even broken down machinery, which could be repurposed into useful furniture and decorations for your garden.


Go bold with colour

One of the key components of any modern garden is the use of colour. You can choose a specific colour palette, or you can let the natural plants and flowers guide the colour choices. You can use bold, vivid colours to create contrast against a wall or fence, or you could use subdued tones to create a more natural feel. When choosing your colour palette, keep in mind that bright, bold colours can be attention-grabbing, which might not be what you want when you’re creating a modern garden. You can use bold colours, though, in other ways. You could, for example, use bold colours in your furniture, or even in your lighting. This can help to create a distinct look in your garden. Modern garden ideas


Don’t neglect the floor

Of course, you can also use the floor to create a modern look in your garden. You can do this, for example, by installing tile or wood. Tile is a popular choice among modern garden designers, as it’s durable, easy to clean, and comes in a wide range of colours and patterns. Wood, similarly, can add a contemporary touch, and is easily cleaned and maintained, making it ideal for high-traffic areas in your garden, like walkways and walk-in entrances. You could also use a carpet as a floor covering for your garden. If you have a large garden, though, you might have to put it together in pieces.


Install indoor plants

Indoor plants are surprisingly easy to grow, and bring nature into your home. If you have a modern garden, and want to bring the look inside, consider growing plants. If you have a large indoor space, you can use it to create an eco-system, with ponds and fountains, and all kinds of different indoor plants. You can even create a miniature rainforest, bringing unique creatures into your home that you can easily take care of.


Go green with geometric shapes

Geometric shapes are common in modern gardens, and can be used to create patterns and designs in your garden. You can create designs with bricks, or even with plants and flowers, cutting them at certain angles or shapes. You can also use these shapes to create paths and walkways in your garden. This can help give your garden a modern look, and can also be functional. Using geometric shapes in your path can help guide people to different areas. If you’re looking to modernize your garden, these tips will come in handy. Before you begin, though, make sure to plan out your design. Sketch out your ideas, and consider what your budget is, and what materials you have on hand. Once you have an idea of what you want, get to work, and you’ll be able to create the modern garden of your dreams in no time.

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