8 Reasons Why You Should Move To The Suburbs

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The suburbs get a bad rap as being the home of everyone from soccer moms to hillbillies. Thanks to shows like Desperate Housewives and MTV’s Teen Mom franchise, the idea of what life is like in the ‘burbs is pretty skewed. However, there are plenty of benefits to moving to the ‘burbs that you might not have considered. Suburban areas offer a safer and more family-friendly lifestyle with better schools, lower crime rates, and plenty of activities for kids. In addition, many suburbs are actually much more affordable than central locations in big cities – not to mention you’ll likely need less frequent public transportation or car services when commuting to work or school. Check out these 8 reasons why you should move to the suburbs if you’re considering making this big move:


You’ll have more space and comfort.

Some people choose to relocate to the suburbs for the added space compared to living in a crowded city center. You’ll have access to plenty of green spaces and parks with plenty of room to grow a garden or play with your pets. Plus, you can also expect to have larger and more comfortable houses in the suburbs, which is especially nice if you have a family or live with roommates. You’ll also have less noise pollution to contend with out in the suburbs, where you’re less likely to hear sirens, late night footsteps, or helicopters overhead. You’ll have fewer people around you and may even have the option to choose where you live based on who is in the neighborhood.


Your kids will have a better quality of life.

Another one of the 8 reasons why you should move to the suburbs is that you’ll have greater access to better schools in the suburbs. Suburban areas are sometimes associated with being affluent, which means there are higher standards for schools. This means you’re more likely to send your kids to a school with smaller class sizes, more resources, and better teachers. You’ll also have more access to after-school activities and sports in the suburbs, which means your kids will be getting more active and will likely have more friends than they would in the city. You’ll also be able to better monitor their interactions and friendships, which can also be a huge plus if you have young kids or teens.


Crime rates are generally lower in the ‘burbs.

Moving to the suburbs can also be one of the 8 reasons why you should move to the suburbs if you’re concerned about safety in big cities. Cities like New York and Washington D.C. have notoriously high crime rates compared to the suburbs, where you may see as much as a 50% decrease in crime. This is partially due to the fact that suburban areas are often more affluent, making them a less likely target for criminals. This is also partly due to the fact that suburban areas are often better monitored. The further out you go, the lower the crime rates tend to be. Some of the best suburbs to live in if safety is a top concern are usually found outside of the biggest cities.


You’ll have better job opportunities.

If you’re looking to score a better job with better pay, you may also find greater opportunities in the suburbs. The same goes for starting your own business, where you’re less likely to be surrounded by competition and can expect a more positive response from clients. There are also many growing industries to consider that may be more accessible in the suburbs, like health and biotech, education, manufacturing, or engineering. You can also expect to spend less on transportation costs and more on saving for the future, since many suburbs are actually more affordable places to live. Garden Ridge


Maintaining a car won’t be a hassle.

If you’re concerned about getting around easily, you’ll also want to consider the suburbs. In general, suburbs are better equipped for car owners, since there is more space between houses and better public transportation is often available. This can be an important consideration if you’re single or have a family, since it may be difficult to raise kids without a car in a city center. There are also many suburbs that have better access to major roadways, meaning you’re less likely to get stuck in traffic. This can make a huge difference if you have to get to work or school on a tight schedule.


Real estate prices are more affordable in the ‘burbs.

If money is a top concern, then you’ll also want to consider the 8 reasons why you should move to the suburbs. In general, suburban areas are more affordable than city centers. This is great news if you’re worried about the cost of living in the city, since you can likely find a larger and more comfortable home for a lower price. That being said, there are many suburbs that are also close to major cities, which is great if you still have to commute to work or school.


Moving to the suburbs offers more cultural diversity.

Finally, the suburbs can be a great place to move if you’re looking to add a little more cultural diversity to your life. This can be hugely beneficial for kids and teens in particular, since they may be less likely to be exposed to different cultures if you move to a more rural area. Suburban areas often have a more diverse population, especially close to major cities. This means you’re more likely to find doctors, teachers, coworkers, and neighbors who hail from a variety of backgrounds. This makes for a richer quality of life, especially for kids.


Summing Up

If you’re considering a move, you may want to consider the many benefits of moving to the suburbs. You may have some preconceived notions about what suburban life is like, but it’s actually a great choice for many people. Not only are there plenty of suburbs that are located close to big cities, but you can also expect to have more space, better schools, lower crime rates, and lower real estate prices. The suburbs can be a great option for many people and could be the perfect place for you to live.

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