Start leasing your things for money!

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There are a lot of motivations for people who rather lease different things than purchase them. Buying something super expensive is not as preferred when you can just pay a relatively inexpensive monthly fee for that item. Leasing has many benefits depending on the person doing the payment. Do you know how many things people lease instead of buying? In this list, we compiled a few things you can rent out to people to earn some extra cash and help someone out who needs what you are providing.

  1. A truck

If you have a large truck, placing it up for rent is a great way of making some quick money. Many people aren’t willing to pay a crazy amount to buy a truck but need it for certain occasions. Of course, if you aren’t utilizing your truck regularly, you can rent it out for months. People pay a satisfactory amount of money to be able to have a truck for their needs without commitment.

  1. Your kitchen

You might not have known this, but there are many people who actually need a kitchen they don’t have. An everyday person isn’t going to rent your kitchen but a person who has a small business making cookies might! Many places don’t come with a full-sized oven or a full-sized kitchen period, so they need to outsource kitchens.

  1. Your IP addresses 

Another unexpected thing you might not have known you could lease is your IP address. After the official end of IPv4 address spaces, the transfer market for IPv4 addresses has been going well for people offering to sell and lease. To sell IPv4 addresses there are rules and regulations of the RIR that are a bit complex, so not many people are eager to buy IPv4 addresses, but they are keen to lease them. 

  1. Travel equipment for babies

If you have traveling equipment for babies you can also lease those! Traveling around with a small baby means being incredibly prepared with a lot of different equipment, but sadly not many people can afford all of that. So people have started leasing their baby equipment to people traveling around where they live to make things more manageable.
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