How to attract Instagram customers with a minimal budget

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Facebook has created great shopping opportunities on Facebook and Instagram. Everyone used to wonder how to pull customers from Instagram and drag them to the website or Direct. Internal integrations have been severely curtailed. It is hoped that small businesses will soon take great advantage of the capabilities of Mark Zuckerberg’s platform.

In this article, we’ll share tips on how to get Instagram customers now and on a minimal budget. These methods are unlikely to work for the ecommerce giants, but they can give a big boost to a local health club, a fledgling clothing brand, or a homemade jam vendor.

How to understand that you can already attract customers

Imagine you just registered a page or you have very few subscribers. Maybe you left the page a long time ago. When it was still fashionable to only post cats and food on Instagram. What you need to do to actively attract, advertise, promote customers:

Step 1. Package your profile

You have to create an avatar that shows what you are doing, what your page is about.

Go to a business account, where statistics will be visible and an opportunity to advertise will appear.

Fill in the description and all contacts. In the description you need something that will hook a person, set you apart from the competition. Not just “Clothing for children”, but “Clothing for children from 0 to 5 years. Subscribers get a 15% discount on their first order. “

Step 2. Create content

To order something, you not only need your goods in a quantity of 3 pieces. Prepare at least basic content – 12-15 posts.

Tell us about your business, brand and how you stand out from your competitors.

Show how your work is organized: how you deliver, what you offer, under what conditions you work.

Share customer reviews if you already have them. Ideally, tag people on Instagram so potential customers trust those reviews.

Answer the popular questions and objections that arise: “What is the warranty?”, “And if the size does not fit?”, “Which model should I choose if I …”, etc.

Combine content by type: sales, entertainment, informational, user generated, etc.

Step 3. Prepare a manager

It’s not uncommon for blogger traffic to go to the page, launch targeted ads, receive questions and requests, but in response, there’s silence. 

Answer requests as soon as possible – in Direct, in the comments. Often someone writes to 3-5 companies at the same time, and whoever convinces first will sell.

Prepare in advance for the development of various objections and answers to questions. Even if it’s written about in posts, you don’t have to say “Search the page.” You must provide an answer in the correspondence and the post can be added additionally if you want details.

Provide the manager with the necessary content: live photos, current prices and balances. To make it uncomfortable “Now I’ll clarify what we have and what we don’t have.”

After that, you can continue with active promotions, even with a minimum budget in the region of $ 100- $ 300 per month.

Instagram’s main achievement in 2020 is the almost complete elimination of spam approaches to promotion. Today, mass tracking and mass liking don’t work, and new spam in Stories replies – 99% of people are causing anger, not the desire to study a brand page. Of the relevant tools to attract subscribers today, there are:

targeted advertising;

working with influencers;

practical jokes;


Let’s take a closer look at how we can work in this direction and attract Instagram customers in the context of low budgets.

Targeted advertising

You can use the internal Promote button under Instagram posts to engage people or even get applications. But it is much more efficient to show ads through Facebook Ads Manager.

Go to the ad account or create one.

Click on “Create” and follow the instructions for setting up ad campaigns.

It is optimal to choose the targets “Traffic”, “Messages” or “Lead Generation”.

If you have a website or an online store, you can start a campaign with the goal “Conversion”.

Choose the target audience you want your ad to show to: location, age, gender, interests. Choose the best options for your target audience and test different options. The more accurately you choose your interests, the more likely you are to hit the right people.

Set the ad period and budget. For example, $ 2 a day for a week. Prepare the advertising campaign yourself. For a banner, it is optimal to use an image with a resolution of 1080 × 1080 pixels. In addition, it is worth making an option for Stories – 1080 × 1920 pixels.

You can create three ads at once with different ads, ads. For example, to more accurately target different people who need your product or service. It’s a fairly common option when the click on an ad costs $ 0.01 – $ 0.05. For $ 2 a day, that’s 40-200 clicks to your target audience. 1200-6000 people per month.

Working with influencers

Influencers and bloggers aren’t necessarily about people with a million subscribers and skyrocketing advertising costs. Look at small accounts and those who work through barter.

Offer local influencers to trade – submit your product for review for an honest recommendation or provide a service.

Look for up-and-coming influencers who want to advertise for little money. It is entirely possible to find people with an audience charging $ 25- $ 50 for advertising.

Save posts where bloggers and users mention you. This can serve as additional social proof for new customers.

Let’s give promotional codes. For example, assign the blogger a personal promotional code with his first / last name, which will always work. The blogger gets added value for his audience, you regularly get brand mentions and sales.

Look at your audience. It is possible that your customers are people who have 1,000-10,000 subscribers because of their job. Invite them to become personal brand ambassadors, give bonuses and gifts in exchange for their recommendations.

Practical jokes

The old-fashioned way to attract and please people is to give them the chance to get something of value for free.

Organize a raffle among subscribers. Subscribe to a page, like, comment marked with 1-2 friends as conditions. Alternatively, instead of comments or with them – mention the page in Stories. In addition, there is now a sticker “Business support”.

Play your product or service to avoid people who don’t care. The iPhone is a great gift, but when you sell homemade jams, a lot of inappropriate people can come to you.

You can also organize a drawing on another page. Find a Partner – Another brand or blogger you sponsor. For example, a blogger is running a contest, he has to subscribe to it and to you, and gifts of your brand.


For some reason, many people think that the marathon is run solely in the field of information matters. Nothing stops a pastry chef from running a marathon at home from making simple candies or making a makeup shop for themselves.

Think about a topic that is of interest to your potential customers, and in which you can show your offer, service, product.

It is advisable to do everything as native as possible. A make-up marathon that uses the products and accessories you sell. You demonstrate their quality and remove the objection.

For example, it pays to run a marathon for free in exchange for a subscription and an entry in Stories. At the end of the marathon you can give prizes and discounts on your products.

You can combine a marathon with targeted advertising and collaboration with a blogger, and a rally at the end. Even with a budget of $ 150- $ 200, it can do a good job.


In the case of promoting personal accounts and in some commercial niches, commenting can work well. You go to the pages of popular bloggers and personalities, comment on posts, engage in dialogue with other commenters.

Interesting answers, thoughts can interest other users. They go to your profile, especially if you have a catchy avatar and friendly account name.

Of course, to have an effect, you must select pages that may have your potential customers among the subscribers. It’s easy when you have a bulk product: clothes, accessories, custom cakes. It is more difficult if you provide legal assistance to a company or build custom houses.

Bonus Tip: Tag bloggers and large audiences in your stories. This is especially true when promoting a person, an expert and services. The brand must of course be relevant. Not a picture of a cat, but how you read this person’s book, or how you were inspired by his post, etc. Often people are willing to repost in Stories because they like the compliment or are proud of your result.

What should you choose from this ?! Start with targeted ads to drive systematic traffic to your account or store. The global goal is to work with all of these tools, and remember to attract customers from Instagram and not get likes or followers.

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